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Rowing to Victoria

July 2nd, 2011 by Julie

Leif and I drove down to Sombrio Beach this morning and saw Colin before he left.  He waited utill 1 pm so the current would be in his favour, but wow the winds sure picked up.  It feels like it’s blowing near gale force and the sea is a blanket of white caps. 

It took us 2 hours to drive from Sombrio to Victoria, which is the distance Colin hopes to cover today.  It’s a long way!  Nonetheless we’re hanging out in town hoping to see Colin when he reaches Clover Point.

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  • Ah, finally found your update! I wasn’t getting additions to your blog. So did he or is he going to switch to a kayak? I bet he hates the thought! I predict he does not…

  • Not sure that you got my last comment so will try again just to say I can’t believe he’s made it to Saltspring! almost home -
    So now I want to know where and when we can greet him -
    This is so amazing! Wishing for smooth waters and tail winds all the way to Comox!