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August Update

August 23rd, 2010 by Colin

As some of you may know, I’ve delayed my attempt to break the speed record for circumnavigating Vancouver Island until next summer, but currently there’s someone else vying to circle the Island in record time.

Joe O’Blenis kayaking around Vancouver IslandOn August 19th, Joe O’Blenis of Thunder Bay, Ontario departed from Nanaimo in a sea kayak hoping to reclaim his title as being the fastest around the rock. His first day was fraught with headwinds, but Joe still managed an impressive 64 km. Since then he’s significantly increased his daily mileage, and has been averaging over 73 km/ day. He will need to average 67.6 km/day for 17 days to break the record. We’re keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that Canadian Joe will get the title back from Englishman Sean Morley. You can follow Joe’s journey live around the Island on his Spot Page.

Meanwhile, here on the ranch, I took the newly built rowing boat out on its first run since being painted and installing footplates. I’m pleased with how easily it moves through the water, and was able to reach 14.6 km/hr (8 knots) and could sustain 13km/hr. It’s impressive just how far and fast we can propel ourselves with the assistance of technology. I recall being impressed back in my sailing days when my (very inefficient) cruising sailing boat surpassed 6 knots in a gale. Under engine alone, she moved at five knots. So, as I ghosted silently through the water, barely leaving a wake, it seemed surreal to see the figures displayed on the GPS.

Julie, meanwhile, is only able to watch enviously as I play on the water. Like the pumpkins and zucchinis currently ripening in the fields, Julie is getting very large, and our little one is due in a few weeks. Time for the newest adventure!

There are lots of other great adventures going on right now and one that we’re keenly watching is Frank Wolf and Todd McGowan’s voyage along the proposed Enbridge pipeline in B.C. and Alberta. They’re our featured adventure of the month and you can read more about their 1,700 km trek in our previous post.

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  • Great stuff guys! Keep it up! I’m going to go for my first BIG one in May.

    Keep up the great vibe!


  • Well, don’t keep us all in suspense. Did the newest member of the Angus household turn out to be a boy or a girl or … one of each?

  • I have just finished reading your book, Rowboat and Hurrican. I could not put it down and lived each moment of your journey.
    I am currently helping my son-in-law and my daughter write a book about their journey of recovery. Trevor Greene was axed in the head by a 16 year old Afganistan farm worker in March of 2006. He should be dead. The book currently titled March Forth is about his miraculous recovery and how Debbie, my daughter, never gave up and never left his side. I will pass your book onto Debbie as it is very insperational. And a damn good read.

  • Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your email, and I’m really happy to hear that you’re enjoying my book. I heard about the attack on your son-in-law and his incredible recovery on the news. It’s inspiring what the love of family and belief in recovery can accomplish. I hope that he is continuing to grow stronger by the day, and that your daughter is also faring well. It’s wonderful that you are helping to write a book on his story; I know many people will be inspired and touched by it. I look forward to reading it.

    All our best, Julie